SMP for Long Hair
SMP for Long Hair

We realise that many women are not good candidates for a hair transplant, due to often loosing the hair in a diffused way. This means they have much more limited option for medical treatment then men.

This pushed us to create a Scalp MicroPigmentation solution for long hair, and the results over the recent years have been astonishing, with more and more women (and men) deciding to undergo this revolutionary treatment for female hair loss.

How Long Hair Scalp Pigmentation Can Help Men

SMP is used to create a visual effect of thicker hair, by reducing the contrast between hair and scalp colour and fill gaps in between the hair. In a single session, you will see a huge improvement but more then one session is usually needed for the final result to show.

The treatment is carried out in one of our specialised clinics, it doesn’t require any medications, or time off work. People around you will not notice anything but the look of thicker and fuller hair, you can continue to dye your hair and style it the way you want. The SMP treatment will not interfere with any of your usual grooming techniques.

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