SMP and FUE Combination
SMP and FUE Combination

Scalp MicroPigmentation has evolved from the earlier standards applied, and although SMP is not hair it can replicate the look of a hair covered head; and under the right circumstances and the right candidate be used in conjunction with surgical hair restoration.

SMP is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment; it effectively covers the scalp with a pigment precisely matched to your hair´s natural colour to create a seamless blend when you keep a close shaved hair style of a full head of hair. Some candidates wish for a little more than this and want real hair, but possibly cannot achieve the desired result with a hair transplant alone.

With careful long term planning GMG Organization Hair Clinic can combine these two effective methods to give you more natural hair over the areas of hair loss, combined with SMP to give you the maximum coverage, resulting in you being able to return to the Norwood stage you wish. Future hair loss must be taken in to consideration, as well as hair line design to ensure a natural look is achieved, not just now but as you age.

What is FUE?

GMG Organization Hair Clinic is expert in the FUE technique; individual follicular units are removed from around the back and sides of the head one by one, using a small cylindrical punch tool. Once extracted the grafts are then cleaned and checked for quality, then placed in the recipient area. Due to the extraction method no stitches or sutures are required, and no linear scar is left, allowing for a short or near shaved hair style.

Generally FUE will gross less hair per procedure than FUT due to the much slower extraction process. But when combined with SMP the FUE grafts can be distributed over a greater surface area, with SMP is used to build up the look of density between the grafts, resulting in being able to cover a larger surface, and possibly on a good candidate the entire area of hair loss, even on higher Norwood scale hair loss sufferers.

This has the cosmetic advantage of having the natural feel of hair over the scalp, closely shaved stubble and at the same time achieving greater coverage. Firstly we will perform the FUE procedure with careful planning of the graft distribution, allow the scalp to heal and relax over 3-4 months and then perform SMP. The results from SMP are immediate, although it may take one or two more session to refine the result and natural blend with your new hair.

What will the Scalp MicroPigmentation and FUE Hair Transplant Procedure do for me?

Combining the two treatments give many candidates the opportunity to have the look of total coverage that they could never achieve from FUE alone; keep a short/shaved hair style even on NW5 and above hair loss stages; and the feel of hair coverage when you run your hand over your head, and a natural hair line.

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