How Realistic Is MSP?
How Realistic Is MSP?

Not all SMP is the same, how realistic your result can depend on many factors; the art is replicating the look of very short or shaved hair, this is achieved from tiny medical grade pigment particles placed under the outer layer of the skin. At GMG Organization Hair Clinic we take pride in every treatment performed, with technical excellence, the detail on design from our highly trained technical staff. Our attention to details gives the natural impression of closely shaved hair from your hair line, framing your face, to your crown, regardless of your hair loss stage.

SMP also allows you to increase the illusion of density between your native hairs if suffering from thinning or mildly diffused hair loss, adding to the look of fullness. GMG Organization Scalp MicroPigmentation is considered to be a permanent procedure, no maintenance touch ups a year later and no need to use hair loss medications as is often advised with a hair transplant.

Hair line design is arguably the most important artistic area of the treatment as the hair line frames your face and gives back a more youthful appearance. As SMP does not rely on a finite donor supply in theory any design could be made. That said care should be taken not to create a too low or aggressive hair line as the result will stay with you and not recede. As tempting as it may be a slight recession can frame your face very well and still look perfectly natural as you age. Our well trained team are there to help and advice what looks best and suits your bone structure. You can upload your photo to our online SMP simulation and see how different hair lines would look.

With any cosmetic procedure there is some trade-off; in the case of SMP it is maintaining your native hair with a very short or shaved hair cut; this ensures a seamless blend. Dependent how fast your hair grows this may mean shaving every day or every other day. Hair grows longer, SMP remains the same, the longer your hair grows will detract from the natural result when shaved.

It´s important to understand what and how SMP works, this can be said of any procedure; on the right candidate with achievable realistic goals SMP can help those not suitable for surgical hair restoration, meds will not work or just don´t want surgery to regain the look of a shaved head of hair again. Another advantage to SMP is the ability to treat hair loss conditions not suitable for medications or a hair transplant.

Instant results, little to no discomfort, and a guaranteed procedure with the excellence of GMG Organization Hair Clinic´s dedication to care and your happiness.

For more information contact the nearest GMG Organization Hair Clinic, get any questions you might have answered over the phone, or use the simple contact us option to book a free consultation with one of our specialists, that can help you decide if the SMP procedure is the right choice for you.

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