FUT Hair Transplant for Women
FUT Hair Transplant for Women

Follicular Unit Transplant, FUT, is the most common technique used as the hair around the donor does not need to be shaved, allowing the individual to keep her hair style easier while her new hair grows. A thin hair bearing strip is removed from around the back and sides of the head, then sutured to leave a fine linear scar, easily hidden by the surrounding hair.

The strip is divided into the individual follicular units, always under magnification to ensure graft care; the grafts are then placed into tiny slits made in the thinning area, taking care to follow the natural orientation and angle of the surrounding hair to mimic nature.

At GMG Organization Hair Clinic we pride ourselves on performing FUT to the highest standard in any of our medical Clinics around the world; your well-being is paramount to us and we stand by our patients and our work.

Benefits of a GMG Organization Hair Transplant for Women

  • The treatment can restore lost hair even with advanced hair loss
  • Improved coverage and the look of natural density or fullness can be restored
  • Can be performed without having to shave any of the existing hair
  • Mimics your natural hair to give undetectable results
  • Performed under a local anaesthetic with very little discomfort
  • Simple post-op after care with your complimentary GMG Organization Hair post-op pack
  • Fast recovery allowing you to return to your lifestyle with only a minor interruption

It is important prior to any treatment that the root cause of hair loss can be determined, sometimes a blood test can help, and alternative treatment such as treating the thyroid or treating an iron deficiency will help. Then, if hair loss is extensive other surgical and no surgical treatments can be pursued.

Topical treatments such as 2% minoxidil or laser therapy are both FDA approved in the use of hair loss prevention. They will not regrow lost hair but can stabilise and improve the existing hair quality. It is then possible to look at restoring thinning areas surgically.

In general the sides and back, like with a man, stay strong and not effected by hair loss; this allows for surgical hair restoration to be performed. A hair transplant can remove hair from around the sides and back, placing it over the thinning areas where it will continue to grow naturally and add density and fullness; helping to restore more often than not self-confidence to the individual.

With severe hair loss causes surgical hair restoration may not be possible, alopecia areata for example can affect any area of the scalp and surgical hair restoration may not be effective, with the transplanted hair falling out too. The SMP treatment can be an alternative in these cases, if the woman is happy to have the look of a shaved head of hair.

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