Female Hair Loss
Female Hair Loss

Female hair transplant does not technically differ from those performed on men, although the placement and how the hair style is designed may differ. Either FUT or FUE techniques can be used to restore lost hair; but generally FUT is preferred as it does not require the hair around the sides and back to be shaved. Generally a hair transplant is a single day procedure, either staying overnight in a hotel or going home; there is no need for a hospital stay.

GMG Organization hair has performed many female hair transplants in our Clinics around the world; they are carried out by our experienced team of Doctors and medical technicians. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic; the time can vary from just a couple of hours to 5-6 hours dependent on the extent of hair loss being treated.

One aspect that is very different from a male hair transplant is the hair line design; in fact the design is totally opposite. The actual middle of the hair line can be higher than a man’s, but the temples round down opposed to up with males.

The healing and growth of the transplanted hair is the same, the hair is placed, lays dormant for a few months before starting to regrow. The new hair matures over the next 12 months until the final result is achieved, with a fuller thicker head of hair.

A personal consultation can determine your suitability for surgical hair restoration, or an alternative form of hair loss treatment. GMG Organization Hair Clinic offers a free, no obligation consultation service.

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