Eyelash Transplants for Women
Eyelash Transplants for Women

Eyelash hair transplants are one of the most delicate cosmetic procedures; they require many different skills from an experienced surgeon having to match hair angles and orientation on an an area that is cosmetically very visible.

Eyelash hair loss can occur for a few reasons, genetics, excessive plucking and stress induced hair loss. The loss can visually change our appearance and affect us emotionally, bringing on a lack of self-confidence.

A common cause of eyelash loss is the overuse of eyelash extensions; putting excessive pressure or tension of the hair follicles, gradually causing them to become weaker and stop growing. This form of hair loss is caused traction alopecia, and can occur on other areas of the scalp due to hair extensions, braids or excessively tight hair styles.

If the damage is caught early enough or in the early stages they can recover but in the majority of cases this is not the case. An eyelash hair transplant can replace your lost lashes with genetically strong hair, or enhance short, thin or weak eyelashes.

Eyelash hair transplants are a specialist surgical hair restoration procedure; Vinci Hair Clinic is proud to be one of small number of clinics that offer our patients this treatment. The treatment uses your own genetically strong hair, can be performed on both men and woman, and is the only option for permanent eyelash growth.

Please contact us today to arrange your free consultation today, and to find out if you are a suitable candidate for this procedure. Our clinical team will be pleased to help you and give you all of the information that you may need.

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