Eyebrow Transplant
Eyebrow Transplant

Losing your eyebrows can dramatically affect your facial appearance, and can have deeply wounding psychological effects on the person. GMG Organization Hair Clinic offers a solution to eyebrow hair loss and help restore an individual’s confidence.

An Eyebrow hair transplant can take your genetically strong hair and design, or fill in the areas of hair loss to give you back your eyebrows, and regain your natural facial appearance and confidence with your own natural growing hair.

Eyebrow loss can affect both men and woman alike, from mild density loss, small patches, to total hair loss. At Vinci Hair Clinic we can reshape, improve density or total rebuild your eyebrows regardless of gender.

Hair is removed from a suitable donor area, (normally a small FUE treatment) and then transplanted to the eyebrow area to create completely naturally looking eyebrows.

This treatment can:

  • Reshape and re-sculpt the eyebrow shape
  • Restore eyebrow hair from excess plucking
  • Replace hairs lost to genetic disorders, like some forms of alopecia

Our talented medical hair restoration team are expert in following the natural orientation and angles to recreate your eyebrows that can grow for your lifetime. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic, initially the new hair rests for a couple of months and you can expect hair growth within 3-4 months, although it can take up to 12 months for your full result. Results are natural and permanent, following the natural direction of your eyebrows; Vinci Hair Clinic performs eyebrow hair transplants in our Clinics around the world.

For more information or to book a free personal consultation, contact us using the enquiry form on the left hand site, visit our contact page for the phone number for your nearest clinic or start your online consultation process.

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