Beard Transplant
Beard Transplant

An increasingly requested procedure by men is to rebuild, and or refine their beard or moustache by surgical hair restoration techniques.

A beard hair transplant is an extension to the traditional hair transplant, and can rebuild and or refine area of hair loss or natural hair loss patches to a fuller moustache or beard. This is a refined procedure using hair from other areas of the body; known as a Beard Transplant.

GMG Organization Hair Clinic is expert in Beard Transplants, having performed 100´s of procedures and achieving natural looking results. Although the procedure is similar to a traditional hair transplant it does require great skill and attention placing the grafts to achieve a perfectly natural and undetectable new beard.

Even if your original beard was fine, or you had no beard before, the new hair will grow and give a permanent solution. You treat your new beard no different, having to shave regularly, or trim for a stubble look, however you wish.

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